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What is FTA?

FTA is the acronym for Free to Air. FTA signals are unencrypted signals. They can be reliably received via any broadcast receiver. This allows viewers to hear radio and see television programming like CNN and HBO, for example, clearly.

The simplest way to think of FTA is that it is akin to television what shortwave radio is to radio.

The Cost of FTA

While FTA is not encrypted signals, this does not necessarily mean they are free. Depending on the geographic area and the medium delivered, some FTA programming is paid for by viewers.

Examples of Paid FTA

Satellite TV: As FTA is sometimes delivered via satellite, the consumer pays for it, usually in the form of a subscription service. This is because satellite television usually offers a wider range of services and channels than more traditional television.

Licensing Fees: Most countries require what's known as a broadcasting license to send out programming to the viewing public. This includes television and radio.

The manner in which broadcast licensing fees are collected vary from country to country. Radio was the first broadcast medium to collect broadcast licensing fees. When television came along, many countries simply expanded the radio broadcast license to include television broadcast licensing fees. Other countries created a separate license to cover television programming.

No matter how it's collected, most countries use the fees collected under broadcast licensing in similar ways, ie, to fund projects like Public Broadcast System (PBS) programming. This ensures that broadcasts without funding from more market-driven standbys like commercials can also be shown.

Licensing fees for FTA programming can take several forms, eg, voluntary donation and/or product/service sponsorship.

Voluntary donation is one of the most popular ways. If you've ever viewed a PBS program, then you're probably familiar with this method of paid-for FTA programming. Usually, between segments, a PBS representative or an announcer tells you how important it is to donate if you enjoy the type of programming PBS offers.

Then, an 800 number or and address is given so you can call or send in your donation, which can be paid for by check or credit card. This is done numerous times throughout the program, and donators are customarily rewarded with some type of gift, usually based on some type of tiered system.

For example, if you donate $20, you might receive a t-shirt; $50 free DVD of the program you're viewing, or $250, a box set of programming on "x" subject.

Collecting FTA licensing fees via sponsorship is a little different. Sponsorship is more or less corporate branding.

To explain, a company may agree to sponsor a certain athlete or team in exchange for their brand being visibly displayed. So, when you turn on the TV to see a car race, for example, all the signage along the track route will be of the sponsor.

Compared to buying slots of air time that viewers may or may not see, this is ideal way for most corporate clients to advertise their products/services.

FTA Files

Many television and radio customers are only accustomed to receiving the channels that their local service providers offer. But, did you know that worldwide, experts estimate that there are over 5,000 free to air (FTA) radio and television channels available to the listening and viewing public.

Television is a popular FTA medium. To gain access though, proper equipment is needed. Basically, all you need to start accessing FTA channels on television is an FTA receiver and a satellite dish. Your local electronics store can supply you with everything you need.

One vital part of getting hooked up to view FTA TV is FTA files. Free to Air files, aka "dish files" allow you to have continuous access to FTA programming.

How FTA Files Work

FTA files work with an FTA receiver to stay updated on the satellites in space. For channels to be properly display, the keys on the FTA receiver have to be constantly updated. This can be done manually, or automatically. If done manually, they have to be updated up to four times a day. This can prove to be inconvenient.

FTA files allow your receiver keys to automatically roll over and receive the most updated information from the satellites in space. This means that after you originally load the files, it is hands-free maintenance.

Many do-it-yourselfers find that the most difficult part of setting up satellite television is correctly hooking up your receiver to your TV to receive the FTA files signal. Spending the money to have a professional get you hooked up initially might be the most prudent course of action to take.

Matching FTA Receivers with the Proper FTA Files

Most FTA file providers supply FTA receivers with various types of capability, eg:

FTA Files for the Coolsat 5000 Platinum Receiver: This receiver offers FTA satellite service to users in Canada, the USA and the Caribbean. Ease of setup, amazing sound and clear picture, make this one of the most sought after FTA receivers by satellite TV owners.

General Price Range: From $125 to about $275.

FTA Files for the Pansat 3500SD FTA Digital Satellite Receiver: What some might refer to as a "fully loaded" FTA receiver, it has everything you might need to get the most from FTA TV.

Some of its features include: Fully compliant MPEG-2 Digital & DVB broadcasting capability; Multi-language OSD; up to 5,000 TV & radio programs; universal remote, SD (secure digital) card access; and 256-Colors (graphic user interface) number.

General Price Range: From $150 to about $250.

FTA Files for the Captiveworks CW 600s Satellite Receiver: The CaptiveWorks CW-600S receiver supplies FTA reception for US and Canadian satellite consumers.

The Premium edition of this receiver offers some one-of-a-kind components, ie, a swifter Conexant Main Processor for starters. Some of its standard features are an easy-to-use interface, auto smart satellite search, multi-timer function, and a 32Mb Flash ROM for fast, easy channel surfing.

General Price Range: From just under $100 to well over $700 for the premium ten pack.

FTA Forums

FTA forums are an invaluable tool for learning about and keeping abreast of FTA technology. For the uninitiated, FTA stands for Free to Air, as in free broadcast television and radio programming.

In a global economy FTA programming can be an insightful way to keep up on what's going on in various parts of the world. It is estimated that there are some 5,000 radio and TV programs available worldwide for FTA viewing.

If you're interested in accessing FTA broadcasts, you need to first familiarize yourself with the technology of the industry. FTA forums are ideal for this.

FTA Receivers: A Popular FTA Forum Topic

Because receivers are one of the basics of satellite TV technology, most FTA forums are rife with commentary about them. There are four major brands of FTA receivers (Coolsat, Pansat, Viewsat, and SonicView) and you will find questions about all of them in a good FTA forum. are.Some common questions answered about receivers in FTA forums are:

What FTA Receiver to Buy: As FTA receivers receive satellite transmissions and decodes the data compression protocol of the transmission, finding out as much as you can about the functionality of it before buying is crucial. FTA forums provide a host of feedback on this. Going beyond which ones to buy, most FTA forums offer user advice on which ones not to buy as well, which can be equally as important..

FTA Receiver Price: There is a wide gap in price on FTA receivers - from under $100 on up to $1,000 or more. Which one you get depends on where you live, how many channels you want to be able to receive and more.

Prowling a few FTA forums will get you readily familiar with the best ones to look for in your price range.

Advice on How to Hook Up an FTA Receiver: Hooking up the initial technology can be a major stumbling block for FTA customers. FTA forums are rife with information on this, as many do-it-yourselfers encounter the same problems.

Other Popular FTA Forum Topics

FTA Files: FTA files work with an FTA receiver to stay updated on the satellites in space. Hence, FTA files are popular forum topics.

FTA Forum Rules

Most FTA forums require you to sign up to ask questions. Some require you to sign up to have any kind of access. Some forums will ask you to donate, but most of them are free to join and don't require anything more than an email address.

Rules you'll find in any other forum tends apply to FTA forums as well, eg, no spamming, no self-serving commentary, no flaming other forum users, etc.

Perhaps one of the best parts of FTA forums is that you can ask questions if you don't find the answer to your specific problem. So, if FTA broadcasts is something you're thinking about getting, visit a few FTA forums to become familiar with all that you don't know, and to enhance what you do know.


Viewsat is an FTA receiver and roundly touted as one of the best on the market for satellite TV reception.

Viewsat the Popularity of Satellite Programming

One of the most exciting components of a global economy is having the ability to know what's going on in various parts of the world as it happens, and dissecting how it affects your life.

Satellite TV and radio make this possible. One of the best mediums for this is digital broadcasting. It is clear, offers access to a multitude of channels and is relatively cheap, making it a natural choice moving forward. MPEG-2 is a universal satellite transmission norm for digital broadcasting. And, the Viewsat FTA receiver is one of the best.

Types of Viewsat FTA Receivers

Viewsat VS Pro: A powerful FTA receiver and widely acclaimed as one of the best on the market, the Viewsat VS PRO offers the following features: MPEG-2 & DVB Compliant, S-Video Output, USB Host interface, 22 KHz Switching Control, Fast Booting & Auto Scan, 6000 Channel accessibility (combined TV and radio) and more. At about $200, it's one of the best you can buy in this price range.

Viewsat Ultra: In the Viewsat line of receivers, ultra doesn't begin to describe the power of this receiver, eg, 32 Mb of SD RAM and a fast 200 MHz processor. The rear panel of this receiver is situated horizontally, and the side panel is different from other receivers as well.

Another great feature of this model? It can be updated via a USB flash drive, instead of RS232 cables.

Cost: Roughly $175.

The Viewsat Ultra V2: Perhaps the best-selling FTA receiver, it is fast, has double the memory of comparable receivers, and is updatable via a USB port.

Equipped with a universal remote, it also has a color-rich graphic user interface. Some other features are: Fully MPEG-2 & DVB compliant; PIG support; fast booting and auto scan; 4000 Channel Programmable (TV and radio) capability; and a Radio Channel Screen Saver.

Cost: From $125-$175.

Viewsat VS2000 Platinum LITE: The Platinum Lite receiver was in response to customer demand for a more price-friendly unit with roughly the same capability as the Viewsat Platinum.

So, a few features were adjusted to accommodate, ie: removal of the card reader, no Dolby output and standard remote instead of universal. Other than these minor adjustments, its comparable to the Viewsat Platinum, with a cost of around $130.

Viewsat Xtreme: An upgrade from the Viewsat Platinum, the Viewsat Extreme is one of the most deluxe FTA receivers on the market today -- providing reception in Canada, the USA and the Caribbean.

Designed and manufactured in Korea, it is one of the best FTA receivers on the market. Some of its features are: 6 RCA outputs, 4000 radio and TV channel member, built in satellite card reader, PIG support, universal remote and of course, full MPEG-2 and DVD compliance.

If you're looking for the best in FTA reception, Viewsat FTA receivers are worth looking into.


When it comes to free to air receivers (aka FTA receivers), Sonicview is fast becoming a popular brand. Manufactured by the industry dominating Viewsat, it's no wonder.

Why Sonicview, Why Now?

Viewsat is an industry leader in FTA receivers. Built on the reliance of an accessible, fast customer support department, this same service is available to purchasers of Sonicview FTA receivers.

Sonicview FTA receivers are constructed using the highest industry standards. They offer satellite reception to Canadian, American and Caribbean citizens, and are all equipped with blind power scan. This allows you to hook up directly with satellites in the sky and then surf for channels.

The 4 Types of Sonicview Receivers

Following are the four types of Sonicview receivers that have been released to date, and some of their features.

The Sonicview SV 1000: The first receiver to be released by Sonicview, it was an almost instant hit with its user-friendly interface. Providing the ability to view as many as 3500 channels, in its class this is one of the most competitive FTA receivers on the market.

Some common features include: Instant (EPG) 7 Days Full TV Guide (no waiting); 32Mb Flash ROM for Fast Channel surfing, vivid on-screen graphics, digital audio output, parental lock function, 6000 channel programmability, and S-video output.

The Sonicview 1000 PVR: The SV-1000PVR is an upgraded version of the SV-1000, offering all of the same functions. Via an external USB hard drive, one of the best features of this receiver is the ability to record shows, even when the user is not present. Furthermore, you can record one program while viewing another, or record two shows on two different channels at once.

Some other popular features of this receiver: 6,000 Channels Memory Capacity for TV & radio programs, eight favorite-channel list grouping; two tuners (Sharp NIM and Blind Scan Supported); zoom in, zoom out picture watching capability; universal remote control; various recording capacities (eg, 40 Hours; 80Hours; or 100Hours),depending on HDD size.

It's easy to see why this is an extremely popular FTA receiver.

The Sonicview SV 4000: The Sonicview SV-4000 is an even more powerful receiver than the Sonicview 1000PVR. Connecting directly to a PC via a USB hard drive, it makes programming other receivers seamless.

Additional features: USB 2.0 Host Slot for Downloading; Full MPEG-2 & DVB-S support and 32 MB flash ROM for lightning-quick channel surfing. Retails for between $130-$150.

The Sonicview HD 8000: Relatively expensive compared to SV products without HD capability, it's well worth the price though if you want it. A hi-powered FTA digital receiver, it has a sleek, modern design and is extremely user friendly.

Using an external hard drive, all you need to do is plug it in, navigate the menu options with ease and start recording all of your favorite TV shows and movies. Because of digital technology, the clarity of the picture is unbelievable.

Sonicview FTA receivers come with a standard one-year warranty, which covers parts and labor. It is all you're likely to need.

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Viewsat is a priority. Brought to you by Viewtech in California, these korean built Viewsat receivers provide great use for satellite television users. Viewsat makes receivers for all kinds of uses with all kinds of features. From the corporate Viewsat to the end user, support can be expected for your Viewsat brand receiver at all times. Think about making your next purchase a Viewsat purchase and get a Viewsat guide alongside.

The Viewsat Ultra is one of the brands flagship models. With it's many cool tools and features, the Viewsat Ultra provides great benefit to the end user. Any consumer can easily use the incredible functionality that the Viewsat Ultra has to offer. This incredible fta receiver provides great benefit such as Viewsat Ultra USB key loading; a first seen in the Viewsat Ultra model. The Viewsat Ultra will guarantee your experience to be a very enjoyable one.

Sonicview is another major brand in the FTA game. When support is what you want, Sonicview is what you should get. The quickest of possible support and wide variety of features make Sonicview receivers the wave of the future. This amazing FTA receiver is made in the USA and is available to all consumers in the North American Sonicview market. Think about Sonicview next time you make a free to air receiver purchase.

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